OpenStack India Days, 2016

OpenStack Days are regional OpenStack meetups hosted annually in countries across the world. I was fortunate to attend and speak at this year’s OpenStack India Days.

I came to know a little late about the event but me and my friend Sana planned to give a beginner level talk so that we can share our learnings and motivate people to contribute to OpenStack.

It was a 2 day event but I could make it only on the second day. I must admit that it was a full pack day with lots of interesting talks and speakers.

Day 2 – 10th July

The day started with the registration and me and Sana were happy to get our fancy speaker badges. 🙂


There were two parallel tracks. Main Track and Tech Track. I was mostly interested in Tech Track sessions and few sessions from the Main Track.

The first session I attended was OpenStack Tempest and REST API Testing. It gave me good insight into why integration testing is required and how can we do it using tempest.

OpenStack Neutron Behind the Scenes was the next session which I really enjoyed which taught me huge bunch of OpenStack networking internals. Post session me, Sana and Manali had a discussion with the speaker about OpenStack Neutron and how he got into OpenStack. It was a quite informative and motivating discussion.

Next I attended a talk on OpenStack Watcher. This component is fairly new, added to OpenStack umbrella in May’16. It provides resource optimization. For example, live VM migration to balance the workload. I am gonna try this out.

Few more sessions and came the time for our session. Me and Sana gave a talk on Your First Patch to OpenStack. We were happy to get good response from the attendees. 🙂

Overall I felt, attending the event added good amount of knowledge to my little pool of OpenStack. I wish to continue expanding this pool.