These are the links to various sessions/talks I have been giving. Hope you get to learn something new:

  • Mini-Deb Conf, Pune, August, 2016 (Read the blog post by my friend Sana here)
  • Talk on Outreachy and how to contribute to OpenStack @ OpenStack India Days, Bangalore, 2016 (Read the content here)
  • Guest blog post @ OpenStack Superuser about my OpenStack internship and how future interns can make the most out of it
  • OpenStack Workshop @ Mini-Deb Conf, Mumbai, January, 2016 (Watch it here)
  • Talk on Rubinius – Ruby implemented with Ruby @ Garden City Ruby Conf, Bangalore, January, 2015 (Watch it here)
  • Gave a lightening talk @ Deccan Ruby Conf, Pune, July, 2014 (Read more about it here)
  • My first ever talk @ Pune Ruby Users Group, July, 2014 (Blogged about it)