Recap : Mini-Deb Conf’16, Mumbai

Mini-Deb Conferences are regional Debian community meet-ups. The first edition of this year’s Mini-Deb Conference was held in Mumbai on 30th and 31st of January’2016.

It all started when I saw a Call for Sessions mail from Rigved on Debian Indian mailing list.

Me and my friend Sana both thought of giving an introductory session on OpenStack as we both are learning OpenStack. Shirish from the Debian India community encouraged us for submitting a proposal. Excited about the idea, we went ahead and started preparing for the session.

It took us a day to prepare the presentation and the demo VDI having DevStack setup on Debian Jessie.

Finally the conference started. Due to some work, I could not attend the conference on the first day and hence missed a lot of sessions. I would summarize my experience from Day 2.

After reaching the event I attended Raju Vindane’s session on ownCloud. His session demonstrated how to set up your own cloud. It was a hands-on session.

There were also sessions of Mumbai Technology Meetup taking place in the next room.

After Raju’s session, there was a tea-break. That was the time when I could actually talk to people and discuss the awesome stuff which each of us was working on. Had a long discussion with Manish who was giving a session on Rust. Also spoke to the contributors of Hamara Linux project.

The tea-break got over and then came the time for some real action, the time when I was the speaker. Excited and nervous!

I started off with – What is OpenStack? As the audience consisted mostly of students, it was totally new to them. Then I explained the architecture of OpenStack. After that it was Sana’s turn to explain DevStack, post which we gave a demo on how to install DevStack and see everything we learned live.

The day ended with a Key Signing Party. I got my key signed from Jonas and many other people 🙂

Link to our presentation: